Managed Services



For more than 90 years, the founders of Heritage and its predecessors have owned, operated and managed a wide variety of senior, post-acute and home-based healthcare companies. Over those years, Heritage has provided managed services to private ownership groups, not-for-profits, municipalities and Native American tribes.

Heritage approaches each opportunity differently, working to fit the service offering to the customer’s current needs and future opportunities. While Heritage adapts to varying customer needs, it always keeps at the forefront the primary goals of equipping the local staff with the tools they need to offer the highest quality of care to patients and optimizing the overall fiscal health of the organization.  This is accomplished by making needed improvements or completely replacing broken systems and conducting a consistent series of assessments designed to keep working systems operating at peak efficiency.

This approach allows the customer to focus more on the big picture, knowing that all the details are being managed by a team of experts rowing in the same direction.


Heritage has experience managing companies across the healthcare continuum. This team offers services to organizations at nearly every level of maturity, from startups to high-growth entities to long-established institutions:

  • Transitional Care

  • Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

  • Home Health

  • Hospice

  • Palliative Care

  • Physician Services

  • Assisted Living

  • Outpatient Therapy Services

  • Personal Care / Private Duty Care




Traditionally, healthcare has been provided in silos, where providers routinely administer care with little to no understanding of what is happening in the other silos. This leaves the patient - who almost always has limited healthcare knowledge - to navigate this complicated web alone, which isn’t right.

That’s why we don’t just provide care at all those stops listed above - we mind the gaps.

At Heritage, patients are guided to the most appropriate initial setting based on their specific needs and are then transitioned through multiple sites of care based on their personal desires, medical condition and financial realities. Regardless of where their next steps lead, Heritage ensures that patients are in the most appropriate hands.

For nearly 20 years now, Heritage has been a leader in care transitions and navigation. It continues to use and develop tools and human resources that allow patients to rest and recover in their own nest.